RCA BLK Alumni

December 7, 2023

‘Legacy’ engulfs the entire perimeter of this room. Each piece is a testament to the past, present and future of RCA BLK as both an association and a catapult of change. This is our way of remembering the past in order to progress to the future, hence, our choosing of the name Sankofa. This intimate selection of work traces through mastery from the 1990’s to today, bringing to the forefront themes of identification, heritage, and the physical and metaphorical places that anchor/propel us. The future, in this case, is represented through our Time Capsule project, entitled The Black Star, where current students and alumni submit multimedia works to be archived in space for future generations to access. As you journey through the Hangar Gallery, allow the work to embrace, energise, and empower you. The message here is clear: it is no longer merely a consideration to include or support Black artists within this or any industry. It is imperative as it is second-nature— this is our mission at RCA BLK. We come together to celebrate the excellence in the black community that has walked these halls, whilst acknowledging that, through looking back, we continue to open doors for future visionaries.

This exhibition features work by Anthea Hamilton, Bashiru Lawal-Shardo, Bryant Mclaughlin Van-Low, Canaan J Brown, Chris Ofili, Emily Moore, Gaia Ozwyn, Jesse Akele, Joy Julius, Natasha Fontenelle, Shannon Bono, Shayla Marshall, Suleyman Wellings-Longmore, Tamu Nkiwane and Thalia Dougourou.

Anthea Hamilton (RCA MA Painting 2005) Untitled, 2004, 740mm x 1070mm, Acrylic on canvas

Bryant Mclaughlin Van-Low (RCA MA City Design 2023) Labour of Love, 2023, 100 cm x 100 cm, Burlap, Canvas, Dye

Chris Ofili (RCA MA Painting 1992), Untitled, 1992, 2140mm x 1530mm, Oil on Canvas

Chris Ofili (RCA MA Painting 1993), The Accused, 1991, 1760mm x 2020mm, Oil on canvas 

Emily Moore (RCA MA Painting 2020) Kemet, 2023, 2.1m x 1.3m, Crochet painting with hand beaded trim, gold leaf and cowrie shells

Gaia Ozwyn (RCA MA Painting 2024) Untitled, 2023, 160 cm x 190 cm, Oil on Linen

Jesse Akele (RCA MA Painting 2023) Two Magpies, 2023, 190cm x 160cm, Acrylic on canvas

Suleyman Wellings-Longmore (RCA MA Painting 2024), The Owl Whispers Julie No More, 2023, 2.25m x 1.7m, Laser cut MDF, hemp rope, acrylic paint, pine

Curated by Zarna Hart.